YELLOW-THROATED VIREO(Vireo flavifrons) – (See images below)
DESCRIPTION: The Yellow-throated Vireo is a small passerine with olive green upper parts and a yellow throat and breast, and yellowish eye ring. Wings are dark brown with two white bars, under parts and flanks are light grey. Tail is grey with a brown edge. Bill and legs are dark grey. Sexes are similar. Bird length around 12 cm (5 inches).
NAME: ‘Vireo’ refers to the green color. Latin species name ‘flavifrons’ means ‘yellow front’.
HABITAT: Open mixed forest.
DIET: Forages for insects high in the trees. Also feeds on berries.
NESTING: Builds its nest in a tree at variable heights. Three to four creamy eggs are laid, incubated by both parents. Chicks fed by both parents. Nest parasitized by Brown-headed Cowbird.
DISTRIBUTION: Breeding range covers eastern USA.  Maritimes are situated at northeast edge of that range. Winters in southeast Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and northern tip of South America.
Distribution map:
ON PEI: Breeds on Prince Edward Island, but occurrence ‘accidental’ (vagrant – see note below for ‘Vagrancy’).
CONSERVATION: Population increased, widespread and common, not at risk.
Vagrancy: In biology this means an animal going way outside its normal range. For birds, this can happen when there are storms and they get blown off course. On other times, the bird simply wanders in a different direction than usual. Here’s an article about vagrancy in birds.
SIMILAR SPECIES: Pine Warbler, Yellow-breasted Chat
REFERENCES: (Montana Field Guide) (Missouri Department of Conservation)

Yellow-throated Vireo -Rondeau Provincial Park, ON - May 5, 2007 - Mdf
Yellow-throated Vireo -Rondeau Provincial Park, ON – May 5, 2007 – Mdf