YELLOW-THROATED VIREO(Vireo flavifrons) The Yellow-throated Vireo is a small passerine with olive green upper parts and a yellow throat and breast, and yellowish eye ring. The wings are dark brown with two white bars, the under parts and flanks are light grey and the tail is grey with a brown edge. The thick bill and the legs are dark grey. The bird is around 12 cm (5 in.) long.

The name ‘Vireo’ refers to the green color, and ‘flavifrons’ means ‘yellow front’, but the forehead is more olive than yellow.

The yellow-throated vireo inhabits the open forest, and searches for insects high in the trees. It will also eat berries. It builds its nest in a tree at variable heights.

Although the yellow-throated vireo is known to breed on PEI, occurrences of this bird species on the island have only been reported as ‘accidental’ so far, for spring, summer, and fall. One individual was observed at St. Patrick’s Road in the fall of 2001. Its main breeding range is actually in the USA on the eastern half part, so the Maritimes are situated at the north east edge of that range. The yellow-throated vireo spends the winter in southeast Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and the northern tip of South America. Its population appears stable.

Yellow-throated Vireo -Rondeau Provincial Park, ON - May 5, 2007 - Mdf
Yellow-throated Vireo -Rondeau Provincial Park, ON – May 5, 2007 – Mdf