WINTER WREN(Troglodytes hiemalis) – (See images below)
DESCRIPTION: The Winter Wren is round-shaped with a short tail that stands erect most of the time, even leaning on its back. Body plumage is mottled copper-brown. Bill is thin, short and grey. Legs and feet pinkish grey. Sexes similar. Bird length around 10 cm (4 inches).
VOICE: – Very musical bird, spends a lot of time singing. Sings quite strongly for a bird that size.
NAME: ‘Wren’ is from Old English, and ‘Winter’ relates to bird’s winter range in the USA. Latin genus name ‘Troglodytes’ means ‘cave dweller’, due to bird’s habit of disappearing into holes or crevices while pursuing prey, also related to nest location. Latin species name ‘hiemalis’ means ‘winter’.
HABITAT: Coniferous forest with a lot of dead and rotting trees and other plant material. In the winter can be found in more open forests including parks and suburban areas.
DIET: Insects, arthropods, berries.
NESTING: Male builds several ‘dummy’ or ‘cock’ nests, and only when the female chooses one will it then be lined with softer material. Nest placed in a tree cavity, rock crevice or building corner. Five to seven white eggs are laid, incubated by the female. Chicks likely fed by both parents.
DISTRIBUTION: Breeding range includes boreal Canadian forest and north part of the USA east of the Rockies. Migrates to southeast USA for the winter.
Distribution map:
ON PEI: Breeds on Prince Edward Island, occurrence common in spring and summer, rare in the fall, ‘accidental’ in the winter.
CONSERVATION: Population appears stable at around 11 million, not at risk.
NOTES: Ground foraging behavior has been compared to that of a mouse. Has the ability to forage on tree trunks like the Brown Creeper or a Nuthatch.
SIMILAR SPECIES: Carolina Wren, House Wren, Marsh Wren, Sedge Wren
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Winter Wren - Central Park Northwest, New York, NY - Apr. 29, 2007 - Paul Stein
Winter Wren – Central Park Northwest, New York, NY – Apr. 29, 2007 – Paul Stein