ARGYLE SHORE PROVINCIAL PARK, off Rte 19 on the south shore, a few km west of Argyle Shore town. Nesting cliff swallows along the banks, woodland birds. – Google map here.
AUBURN DEMONSTRATION WOODLOT, off Rte 213 near Auburn and Fort Augustus – softwood plantation on old field sites, wetland – more information here for access and details. Google map here.
BEACH GROVE NATURAL AREA (MEMORIAL FOREST), two 1.5 km of trails in woodland along the North River – waterfowl, shorebirds, forest birds – City of Charlottetown (downloadable .pdf map) – Google map here.
BONSHAW HILLS PROVINCIAL PARK, Bonshaw – 25 km of trails in mountainous terrain, all-purpose use, open year-round (trail map: downloadable .pdf file) – also Google map here.
BROOKVALE DEMONSTRATION WOODLOT, Brookvale – access from Rte 13 – Google map here.
BUBBLING SPRINGS TRAIL, PEI National Park, 2 km east of Stanhope – trailhead GPS: N 46 25.000’ W 63 5.745’ – Google map here.
CAPE TRYON Important Bird Area, north shore off Rte 20, a few km west of New London Bay – double-crested cormorant colony, shorebirds, piping plover – also along Cape Road to the point – coordinates: 46.529 N 63.512 W – also Google map here.
CAVENDISH DUNELANDS, PEI National Park, off Cavendish Beach or Oceanview lookoff– marshes with boardwalk, 2.3 km – Google map here.
CAVENDISH GROVE, PEI National Park, north of Rte 6 – 12 km of trails – Parks Canada map here, Google map here.
CONFEDERATION TRAIL all across Prince Edward Island – 435 km of fine gravel on old railroads – hiking, cycling – reserved for snowmobiles in the winter – paper maps available at several locations. Website with map and directions: https://www.tourismpei.com/pei-confederation-trail. Also several trails branch out from the Confederation Trail.
COUNTY LINE ROAD-GREEN GABLES SHORE, Darnley, from Rte 103 to Rte 101 – Scenic Heritage Road – farmland, mixed woodland, views of Gulf of St. Lawrence – Google map here.
CURRIE-FARRAR ROAD, Green Bay area on each side of Appin Road (Rte 237) – Scenic Heritage Road – Woodlands, hedgerows, farmland, countryside vantage points – Google map here.
DEROCHE POND, off Rte 218, coastal area ecosystem with access to the beach – Shorebirds, waterfowl. Google map here.
DEVIL’S PUNCHBOWL TRAIL (formerly a provincial park) south of North Granville, east of Rte 254 – Grahams Road Brook, Mallett’s Pond, near Granville Creek (2 km), Lot 21 – on Mapcarta: https://mapcarta.com/24223184http://www.islandtrails.ca/en/trail.php?t=24.
DROMORE WOODLAND TRAILS, Dromore – 14 km in 4 sections, includes a 1.3 km ‘Birding Loop’, easy, along a stream – Trailhead GPS: N 46 17.030’ W 62 49.080’ – Google map here.
ELLEN’S CREEK, Charlottetown, access from Beach Grove Drive bridge – Google map here. American wigeons, American black ducks and other waterfowl spend the winter there in ice-free areas.
FARMLANDS TRAIL, PEI National Park, 2 km east of Stanhope, 2.9 km – Google map here.
FULLERTON MARSH/CREEK CONSERVATION PARK, Stratford – 4 km woodland with a lookout – access from MacIntosh Drive. Google map here. Wetland and forest birds.
GAIRLOCH ROAD TRAILS, Iona – 7 km loop trail – 1,500 acres of woodland, hilly – 15 species of warblers, grey jays, hermit thrush, rose-breasted grosbeak, northern goshawk, barred owl – trailhead GPS: N 46 2.313’ W 62 49.305’ – Google map here.
GULF SHORE WAY EAST, PEI National Park – asphalted trail along the road, sand dunes, marshes and lagoon – starts at Brackley Beach and goes east, 12 km – Trailhead GPS: N 46 25.750’ W 63 12.070’ – Google map here.
GULF SHORE WAY WEST, PEI National Park – between North Rustico and Cawnpore Lane (Oceanview lookoff) – 8 km, starts from North Rustico – Trailhead GPS: N 46 27.835’ W 63 17.990’ – Google map here.

Great egret in North Rustico - PEI, May 23, 2016 - by Matt Beardsley
Great egret in North Rustico – PEI, May 23, 2016 – by Matt Beardsley
Belted Kingfisher juvenile female looks like it's yawning -Aug. 5, 2017 - © Matt Beardsley
Belted Kingfisher juvenile female looks like it’s yawning -Aug. 5, 2017 – © Matt Beardsley
American Wigeon male with American Black Duck - Ellen's Creek, PEI - Jan. 25, 2019 - © Denise Motard
American Wigeon male with American Black Duck – Ellen’s Creek, PEI – Jan. 25, 2019 – © Denise Motard

HILLSBOROUGH BRIDGE, Charlottetown-Stratford – group of European Starlings roosting under the bridge, good spot to watch their murmurations. When: fall, at dusk. Snowy Owls (an irruptive species) have also been observed on the pillars of the old bridge. When: around December. Google map here.
HOMESTEAD TRAIL, New London Bay – 6-8 km loop starts at entrance of Cavendish campground, along the shores of New London Bay, farmland, forest – trailhead GPS: N 46 29.815’ W 63 24.500’ – Google map here.
HYDE PARK TRAIL, Cornwall – 1.5 km along Hyde Creekaccess from Pond Street, off Rte 19 – Google map here.
IONA NATURAL AREA, included in Newton Cross Hardwoods Farrell Forested Natural Area description, see below.
JACK’S ROAD, runs from Rte 1 in Flat River to Rte 207 (4 km) – Designated Scenic Heritage Road – winding through woodland – Google map here.
JENKINS COMPLEX NATURAL AREA, 693 acres of forest with nine ponds and wetlands in Mount Albion. Forest birds, wetland birds. Protected by Island Nature Trust. Access from Rte 5 at several points, several trails in the complex, but no signage yet. (downloadable .pdf description and map) – Google map here
JUNCTION ROAD, Hartsville, 1.7 km – enter the road (part of Rte 227) from Rte 225 and go northwest – Designated Scenic Heritage Road – hardwoods, softwood stands – Google map here.
LONG POND, Gulfshore Parkway East, PEI National Park, northeast of Stanhope – close to Gulf of St. Lawrence –
LORD SELKIRK CAMPGROUND (formerly Lord Selkirk Provincial Park), part of Highland Greens Golf Course, off Highway 1, on Orwell Bay, south shore. Site of the Highland Games, also historical Acadian and Scottish site. Now owned by Belfast Community Corporation. Publicly accessible, trails, wooded areas, cliffs along the shore. Google map here.
MACARTHUR ROAD (Rte 244, also known as Peter’s Road), from Rte 1 to Elmwood, 2 km – Scenic Heritage Road – mixed woodland, old orchards, farmland – Google map here
MACPHAIL WOODS TRAILS, Orwell – various length trails, woodland: Streamside Trail, Wildflower Trail, Woodland Nature TrailGoogle map here.
MARK ARENDZ BROOKVALE SKI PARK, Brookvale – downloadable .pdf trail map – Trailhead GPS: N 46 16.370 W 63 25.410’ – Google map here.
MCKENNA-APPIN ROAD (Rte 237), Emyvale area – Scenic Heritage Road – woodlands, farmland – trailhead GPS: N 46 15.445’ W 63 26.520’ – Google map here
MILLMAN ROAD, from Rte 101 in Irishtown to Rte 234 – Designated Scenic Heritage Road – view of countryside from a hill, hardwood/softwood woodland – Google map here.
MT. STEWART MARSH WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA, Mt. Stewart – 190 ha of fresh and saltwater marsh, trails along Hillsborough River and Ducks Unlimited impoundment, also connect with Confederation Trail – many forest and wetland bird species. Access directions on the website (click title). Google map here.
NEUFFER NATURAL AREA, 15 acres of salt marsh in two parcels on Point Prim, one on the north side adjacent to Cameron Island, the other on the south side. Many wetland birds and song birds. Access from Point Prim road, then Julie Lane for the south property, or Cameron Island Road for the north side property (downloadable .pdf description and map). Protected by Island Nature Trust. Google map here.
NEWTON CROSS HARDWOODS FARRELL FORESTED NATURAL AREA, 47 acres of mixed forest stands in Iona, protected by Island Nature Trust. Forest birds. Access from Rte 206 (Iona Road) at intersection with Rte 23 (Selkirk Road). Turn right till Confederation Trail crossing. Park there and take the trail northward, natural area is 50 meters on left side. No trails but some old woods road. (downloadable .pdf description and map) Small Iona Natural Area is across from Rte 206 on south east. Google map here.
NORTHUMBERLAND PROVINCIAL PARK, off Rte 4, a few km east of Wood Islands Ferry terminal. Wooded areas good for forest birds, cliff swallows along the banks. (downloadable .pdf map) – Google map here.
NORTHUMBERLAND STRAIT ferry route between Wood Islands, PEI, and Pictou, NS – opportunity to observe seabirds and waterfowl from the ship, especially during spring and fall migration. A Brown Booby was even observed getting a ride on the ferry in Oct. 2018 – Google map here.
OCEANVIEW LOOKOFF, PEI National Park, Cavendish section, west of Gulfshore Parkway West, on the beach – Google map here.
ORBY HEAD, PEI National Park, Cavendish section, Gulf Shore Parkway West, west of Cape Turner– (also downloadable .pdf map) – seabirds, cormorants, waterfowl – Google map here.
ORWELL BAY Important Bird Area, southeast shore near Belfast, off Rte 268 (China Point Road), then off on Penn Point Road, past the Arbor Nursery – Major staging area for migratory waterfowl such as Canada geese, American black ducks, etc.- Coordinates: 46.131 N 62.911 W – Google map here.
PERRY ROAD, near St. Patrick’s, between Rte 239 and Rte 228, 2 km – Designated Scenic Heritage Road – woodland – Google map here.
PIGOT’S TRAIL, Mount Stewart – 3 km along Hillsborough River, marshes, ponds – trailhead GPS: N 46 21.980’ W 62 52.225’ – more information here. Google map here.
PINETTE PROVINCIAL PARK, south shore, off Rte 1 (Trans Canada Highway) – wooded areas, shoreline along Pinette river and harbor – Google map here.
PINETTE RIVER upstream – shallow, mudflats – shorebirds – Google map here.
POINT PRIM, off Rte 209 (Point Prim Road), juts into Northumberland Strait on the south shore, has a lighthouse – rocky shore, low level vegetation – shorebirds, – Google map here.
PONDSIDE PARK, Stratford – from Stratford Road. 11 acres of forest with pond. Forest birds and waterfowl. More information here.
PRINCETON-WARBURTON ROAD, Irishtown – Designated Scenic Heritage Road – hilly farmland, some woodlands and hedgerows – Trailhead GPS: N 46 24.135’ W 63 24.805’, from Rte 239, take Warburton Road to Fredericton, 7.8 km – Google map here.
QUEENS COUNTY WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA (part of the Winter River Trail system, see below).
ROBERT L. COTTON PARK and trail, Stratford, access from Bunbury Drive. Includes 17 acres of forest, gardens, and trail along Hillsborough River. Forest birds, waterfowl and shorebirds, bird feeding stations. More information here. Google map here.
ROBINSON’S ISLAND TRAIL System, PEI National Park, 5 km of trails – trailhead GPS: N 46 26.205’ W 63 14.610’ – Google map here.
ROLLINGS POND, PEI National Park Gulf Shore Parkway West section and Church Hill Avenue – near the Gulf of St. Lawrence – seabirds, waterfowl, shorebirds – Google map here.
ROYALTY OAKS NATURAL AREA, Charlottetown, off Rte 2 (St. Peters Road), includes Wright Creek. 85 acres of successional land. Click on title for Google map.
RUSTICO BAY area, Grand Pere Point Road (Rte 242), off Rte 6 (Rustico) – waterfowl, seabirds – Google map here.
STANLEY BRIDGE and STANLEY BRIDGE POND, by New London Bay off Rte 238 – Google map here.
STRATHGARTNEY PROVINCIAL PARK, Churchill-Bonshaw area – 7 km difficult woodland – Trailhead GPS from Rte 1: N 46 13.010’ W 63 20.115’ – Google map here.
VERNON RIVER ice-free areas in the winter have waterfowl – Google map here.
VICTORIA BEACH (formerly Victoria Provincial Park), off Rte 116, south shore, Victoria – Google map here
VICTORIA PARK, Charlottetown – mixed forests, ponds, boardwalk along the harbour – many trails, facilities – downloadable .pdf trail map. Google map here.
WESTMORELAND RIVER NATURE PARK, by Stewart’s Pond off Rte 13 near Crapaud. With trails. Waterfowl, wetland birds. Google map here.
WHEATLEY RIVER TRAIL, Rackham’s Lane off Rte 243 (New Glasgow Road), Wheatley River – 2 km, along river and pond – Google map here.
WINTER RIVER TRAIL, Suffolk – trail used year-round, 6 km of woodland along the Winter River – songbirds, waterfowl – adjacent to Queens County Wildlife Management Area -Trailhead GPS: N 46 21.225’ W 63 3.720’. Google map here.
WOOD ISLANDS PROVINCIAL PARK, off Rte 1 and 4, Wood Islands, on the south Shore (ferry to Nova Scotia) on Northumberland Strait – seabirds, shorebirds – Google map here.
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Confederation Trail downloadable .pdf map
25 of the Best, Easy To Reach Birding Spots On Prince Edward Island, by Geoff Hogan, 1989 (32 page booklet available at PEI public libraries)
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