ARSENAULT’S POND, off Rte 11 and 126 at Egmont Bay, Forest and wetland birds. Google map here.
ARSENAULT’S POND, off Laird Mill Road at Tignish Corner. Google map here. Forest and wetland birds.
BARBARA GREEN NATURAL AREA, 12 acres of former farmland in Tryon, now regenerating forest, protected by Island Nature Trust. Forest birds. Downloadable .pdf description and map. Access by a trail around the property that connects to the Tryon River Trail (see below). Google map here.
BEDEQUE BAY, Important Bird Area, Summerside and surrounding areas – staging area for Canada Geese and other migratory waterfowl during migration, shorebirds on the mudflats. Coordinates: 46.348 N 63.878 W. Google map here.
BELMONT PROVINCIAL PARK, Malpeque Bay on east point of Grand River mouth – shorebirds, waterfowl – Google map here.
BLOOMFIELD PROVINCIAL PARK, off Rte 2 near Bloomfield Corner in west PEI, along the Mill River – Google map here
CAMP TAMAWAMBY DEMONSTRATION WOODLOT, east of Rte 2, between Richmond and Wellington, off Rte 131 (Sunnyside Road), take Camp Tamawamby Road to the end – 1.5 km, woodland near Grand River – GPS: N 46 28.624’ W 63 57.593’ – Google map here.
CASCUMPEC BAY, Alberton Harbor, Important Bird Area – off Rte 152 – coordinates: 46.782 N 64.046 W – Canada goose, piping plover, barrow’s goldeneye, great blue heron colony (Oulton Island), Ospreys – Google map here.
CEDAR DUNES PROVINCIAL PARK, West Point, off Rte 14 (downloadable .pdf map) – Google map here.
CHARLES DALTON NATURAL AREA, 78 acres in Nail Pond, northwest point of PEI, protected by Island Nature Trust. Low sand dunes, brackish wetland, close to Northumberland Strait. Shorebirds, wetland birds. Access from Phee Shore Road off Rte 182 in the north, or Upper Shore Road off Rte 14 in the south. Do NOT walk into the dunes or the wetland, stay along the shore along the outflow. (downloadable .pdf description and map) – Google map here.
CHELTON BEACH PROVINCIAL PARK, south shore, off Rte 119 a few km west of Confederation Bridge – Google map here.
CONFEDERATION TRAIL, all across Prince Edward Island – 435 km of fine gravel on old railroads – hiking, cycling – reserved for snowmobiles in the winter – paper maps available at several locations. For website with map and directions, click on title. Also several trails branch out from the Confederation Trail.
ELLERSLIE BOG NATURAL AREA, Ellerslie – off Confederation Trail – Google map here
FOLEY’S POND NATURAL AREA, 20 acres of white spruce on former farmland in central Kildare, bordered by a barachois pond. Protected by Island Nature Trust. Forest Birds. No road access, take O’Rourke Road from Rte 12, 2 km from Portage, and access on foot from the beach. (downloadable .pdf description and map) – Google map here.
FOXLEY RIVER DEMONSTRATION WOODLOT, Roxbury – 1.3 km of woodland across from the MacDonald’s River Watershed Trail – Trailhead: 46.6903671, -64.0542715Google map here.
GREEN PARK PROVINCIAL PARK, off Rte 2, along Tyne River – Tyne Valley – seaside, marsh, mixed woodland – Google map here.

Northern Cardinal, female - Roseville, PEI - Nov. 20, 2018 - © Jodi Arsenault
Northern Cardinal, female – Roseville, PEI – Nov. 20, 2018 – © Jodi Arsenault
Rose-breasted grosbeak, male - Roseville, PEI - May 25, 2017 - by Jodi Arsenault
Rose-breasted grosbeak, male – Roseville, PEI – May 25, 2017 – by Jodi Arsenault
Bald Eagle, juvenile - Northport, PEI - Apr. 16, 2018 - © Marie Smith
Bald Eagle, juvenile – Northport, PEI – Apr. 16, 2018 – © Marie Smith

HACKENEY ROAD, Woodstock (also called “John Joe’ road), between Rte 142 (Kelly Road) and Rte 136 (Mill Road) – Designated Scenic Heritage Road – farmland, forest – ruffed grouse, grey partridge – GPS: N 46 43.415’ W 64 7.9920’ – Google map here.
HEATHER MOYSE HERITAGE PARK AND GARDEN, Summerside – Main entrance: intersection of Eustane and Ottawa Streets. Also access along two footpaths on Arcona Street (across from Rogers Ave). – Google map here.
JACQUES CARTIER PROVINCIAL PARK, off Rte 12, a few km north of Alberton – by the sea (downloadable .pdf map) – also Google map here.
JOHN A. HOGG KENSINGTON PUBLIC FOREST, Kensington – 36 acres of forest with trails, access from Confederation Trail (downloadable .pdf aerial map) – Google map here.
LEARD’S MILL POND, Coleman, off Buchanan Road (Rte 140), along the Trout River, with trails – Confederation Trail across the road – Google map here. Waterfowl, wetland birds.
LINKLETTER BEACH PROVINCIAL PARK, Linkletter – off Rte 11, a few km west of Summerside (downloadable .pdf map) – also Google map here.
MACDONALD RIVER WATERSHED TRAIL, Tory Road off Rte 12, across from the Foxley River Demo Woodlot, near Foxley River – Google map here, trail map here.
MALPEQUE BAY (RAMSAR wetland) – listed also as an Important Birding Area – several access points around the bay, including three provincial parks (Belmont, Cabot Beach and Green Park), marshes and river estuaries, and islands (Bird Island). Migratory birds staging area, colonies of herons and cormorants, shorebirds, waterfowl. Coordinates: 46.543 N 63.813 W – Google map here
MIMINEGASH POND, at mouth of Miminegash River, Miminegash – north west side of PEI – off Rtes 14 and 152 – close to the sea. Google map here.
MORRISON’S POND, Island Beach Drive off Darnley – seabirds, waterfowl, shorebirds – Google map here.
NOONAN’S MARSH, west of Borden-Carleton on the Seven Mile Bay – Confederation Trail ends nearby – wetland birds. Access from Rte 1 (Trans Canada Highway) in Borden, turn right onto Dickie Road and left onto Beach Road. Where that road does a bend to the left, there are two paths. The one after the bend takes you across a dyke separating the inland pond (fresh water) from the seaward side going out to the Strait. Coordinates: 46°15’27.8″N 63°41’26.8″W – Google map here.
NORTH CAPE NATURE TRAIL, North Cape – 3.5 km of boardwalk – scrub land, access to Black Marsh (bog) – open, windswept area with view of Gulf of St. Lawrence – terns, gulls, cormorants, loons, scoters, long-tailed duck, eider, harlequin duck, northern gannets, bald eagles – GPS: N 47 3.424’ W 63 59.752’- Google map here.
NORTHPORT-ALBERTON HARBOUR, off Rte 152 – waterfowl, shorebirds,seabirds (see also Cascumpec Bay) – Google map here.
ROBINSON’S POND, Tyne Valley, between Rtes 167 and 12 – with trails – Google map here. Another map here. Wetland birds, waterfowl.
ROND POND OVERLOOK, off Rte 12, Round Pond Lane, a few kms north of Kildare’s Cape – Google map here
ROTARY FRIENDSHIP TRAIL, Summerside – 64 acres of wooded areas with gravel and clay trails – parking lot at 599 MacEwen Rd (between the Prince County Hospital and Walker Ave). Other entrances from Colin Avenue and the Confederation Trail just east of Gillespie Dr.– Google map here.
SCALES POND, Freetown, off Rte 109 (Scales Pond Road), with trails. Waterfowl, wetland birds. Google map here.
SEACOW HEAD CLIFFS NATURAL AREA, 7 acres of eroding sand cliffs on Northumberland Strait off Fernwood south of Summerside. Protected by Island Nature Trust. Former fields, replanted into a forest. Songbirds, shorebirds. Access from Rte 119, take Sherry Road, property is on left at end of road, bordered by the sea. (downloadable .pdf description and map) – Google map here.
SUMMERSIDE BAYWALK, Summerside waterfront along the shore of Bedeque Bay, 6.5 km of mixed boardwalk – go west opposite the harbour along the Shooting Gallery Shore, trail ends in wet forest on gravel road – trail GPS: N 46 23.450’, W 63 46.715’ – Google map here.
TROUT RIVER NATURAL AREA TRAIL, Coleman, off Rte 2 – 5 km, forested riparian zone along the Trout River – David Biggar Memorial Interpretive Center and activities by Trout Unlimited – trailhead GPS: N 46 41.720’ W 64 9.315’ – Google map here.
TRYON RIVER TRAIL, Tryon – administered by the South Shore Watershed Association – Mixed forest, salt marsh. Access from this trail to the Barbara Green Natural Area (see above). Forest and wetland birds. Google map here.
UNION CORNER PROVINCIAL PARK, off Rte 11 near Mont-Carmel, south shore on the Northumberland Strait – Google map here.
WALLS ROAD, Freetown, from Rte 111 (Newton Road) – Designated Scenic Heritage Road – farmland, crosses Dunk River – grey partridge, bald eagle – Google map here.
WEST POINT BEACH TRAIL, West Point – 4 km, access from Cedar Dunes Provincial Park. Hike along the beach from West Point Harbourside Center, turn around the West Point and continue on the beach to Carey Point. Trailhead GPS: N 46 37.195’ W 64 22.390’. Click on title for Google map.
REFERENCES (in no particular order): (Important Bird Areas) (Island Trails – with detailed information and maps) (southern Kings county) (PEI Government list of Natural Areas) (PEI National Park) (PEI National Park list of trails) (list of provincial parks) (publicly accessible provincial forests, demonstration woodlots) (publicly accessible ponds and wetlands) (publicly accessible wildlife management areas)
Confederation Trail downloadable .pdf map
25 of the Best, Easy To Reach Birding Spots On Prince Edward Island, by Geoff Hogan, 1989 (32 page booklet available at PEI public libraries)
Trails of Prince Edward Island, by Michael Haynes, 2015, Goose Lane Editions