BARBARA B. PARSONS NATURAL AREA, 125 acres in Bangor area, west of Rte 301, protected by Island Nature Trust – includes grassland, regenerating forest and frontage on east shore of Morell River. Forest birds. Rough path through middle of property down to the river. Downloadable .pdf map with description. Coordinates for the grass driveway are: 46.352680, -62.685560. Google map here.
BASIN HEAD PROVINCIAL PARK, off Rte 16 at Kingsboro, east side of PEI on Northumberland Strait – Google map here.
BECK TRAIL, Murray River – 5 and 10 km, woodland – website: with trail map here. Trailhead GPS: N 46 2.177’ W 62 36.304’ – Google map here.
BLACK POND MIGRATORY BIRD SANCTUARY, 16 km east of Souris, bordered by Rte 16 (East Point Road), Little Harbor Beach Road, an unnamed road and the sea. Covers 130 ha on private property, no trails. Established in 1936 , federally administered. Boundaries marked by blue signs with a loon. Google map here.
BOUGHTON RIVER TRAIL NATURAL AREA, off Rte 4, between Bridgetown and Dundas – foot trail, private lands – woodland, river flats, meadows – songbirds, woodpeckers, owls, red-winged blackbirds, bitterns, great blue herons, ospreys, bald eagles, other waterfowl – Google map here, also Island Trails (click link on title) has downloadable .pdf maps.
BREADALBANE NATURE TRAIL, Breadalbane – 6.5 km, difficult sections, along Dunk River, old mill pond, private land, mixed woodland – songbirds, jays, kingfishers – Trailhead GPS: N 46 21.440’ W 63 30.070’ – Google map here.
BRUDENELL RIVER PROVINCIAL PARK, between Georgetown and Montague (downloadable .pdf map) – Google map here.
CABOT BEACH PROVINCIAL PARK, mouth of Malpeque Bay on east side (downloadable .pdf map) – White-winged Crossbills (an irruptive species) have been observed there. Google map here.
CANAVOY and ADJACENT BEACHES Important Bird Area, south shore of Savage, north of Rte 350 – piping plover nesting area – property owned by the province. Coordinates: 46.443 N 62.747 W – Google map here.
CONFEDERATION TRAIL, all across Prince Edward Island – 435 km of fine gravel on old railroads – hiking, cycling – reserved for snowmobiles in the winter – paper maps available at several locations. Website with map and directions: Also several trails branch out from the Confederation Trail.
COUNTY LINE ROAD, Rte 325 starts north of Caledonia to Rte 317 – Designated Scenic Heritage Road – vantage points on countryside, some woodland – Trailhead GPS: N 46 2.815’ W 62 42.525’ – Google map here
EAST LAKE, off Rte 16, north shore, a few km from East Point – Google map here.
EAST POINT Important Bird Area, off Rte 16 on Lighthouse Road (2.1 km) – located at the junction between the north shore and Northumberland Strait, one of the BEST birding area on PEI – many seabirds, migratory waterfowl seen here, also nesting great cormorants. Google map here.
FOREST HILLS TRAIL, WHITLOCK’S POND, near Forest Hill, off Rte 339, with trails – 7.8 km, woodland, two ponds, wetland, also a 40’ high lookout tower – private and provincial ownership – diversified bird life – downloadable maps at Island Trails (click on 1st title) – Google map here.
GLEN ROAD, Glencorradale, Rte 303 (Glen Road) from Rte 302 (Baltic Road) – Scenic Heritage Road – farmland, woodland – large elm tree at eastern end – Google map here.

Piping Plover chick - North Lake, PEI - June 15, 2018 - © Lois Kilburn
Piping Plover chick – North Lake, PEI – June 15, 2018 – © Lois Kilburn
Snowy Owl - Feb. 2016 - © Fred Cheverie
Snowy Owl – Feb. 2016 – © Fred Cheverie
Purple Finch pair munching on seeds - Souris area, PEI - May 22, 2017 - Sandra Meade
Purple Finch pair munching on seeds – Souris area, PEI – May 22, 2017 – Sandra Meade

GREENWICH DUNES, part of PEI National Park – includes a few trails with map here (also downloadable .pdf map) – waterfowl, shorebirds, seabirds – Trailhead GPS: N 46 26.610’ W 62 41.640’ – Google map here.
HARVEY MOORE WILDLIFE SANCTUARY, near Montague – owned by Southeast Environmental Association. Highway 4 north of Milltown. – Trailhead GPS: N 46 6.615’ W 62 37.585’ – Google map here.
HAVRE ST. PIERRE TRAIL, PEI National Park, St. Peters Bay – 1 km loop – more information hereGoogle map here.
KINGS CASTLE PROVINCIAL PARK, off Rte 348, 3 km east of Murray River – Google map here.
KLONDYKE ROAD (Rte 205), Iona – between Selkirk Road (Rte 23) and Murray Harbour Road (Rte 24) – Designated Scenic Heritage Road – woodland, shrub land – Google map here.
LARKINS POND NATURAL AREA, Selkirk, St. Charles, off Rte 357 – from Confederation Trail. Google map here.
MCKENNA’S MARSH, off Confederation Trail, near 48 Road (Rte 5) – Google map here.
MCLURE’S POND and MURRAY RIVER PINES NATURAL AREA, within the town of Murray River, off Rte 4. This site contains mature red and white pine and mixed woodland along winding roads and trails. The ponds shoreline and adjacent riparian zone offer good habitat for a variety of bird species. Access details here.
MELLISH POND ROAD, off Rte 3 east of New Perth, south to MacDonald Road, 3 km – Designated Scenic Heritage Road – woodland, old mill pond, farmland – Google map here.
MOONEY’S POND, Peakes – access from Rte 22 – 1.9 km on boardwalk, bridges, gravel path – Trailhead GPS: N 46 17.885’ W 62 46.440’ – Google map here.
MORELL RIVER can be kayaked on long distance, ends in St. Peters Bay – waterfowl, also Bald Eagle and Belted Kingfisher Google map here.
MURRAY HARBOUR area – seabirds, waterfowl, shorebirds – Google map here.
NAUFRAGE HARBOUR and NAUFRAGE POND, north shore on Rte 16 – Google map here.
NEW HARMONY DEMONSTRATION WOODLOT, off Rte 303 across from New Harmony Road, walking trail. Island Trails info here. More information here. Google map here.
NEW HARMONY ROAD, New Harmony, north east of Souris – Designated Scenic Heritage Road – hardwood and softwood stands – off Rte 303, park at intersection with Greenvale Road – Trailhead GPS: N 46 22.815’ W 62 12.860’ – Google map here.
PANMURE ISLAND PROVINCIAL PARK, off Gaspereaux, Rte 347, on east side of PEI, Northumberland Strait (downloadable .pdf map) – Google map here.
POVERTY BEACH, off Murray Harbor North – sand bars and inlets good for shorebirds – Access from Route #17 at Irvings Cape, then take Poverty Beach Road. Google map here.
RED POINT PROVINCIAL PARK, off Rte 16 on the Northumberland Strait, a few km east of Souris. (downloadable .pdf map) – Google map here.
ROMA TRAIL, Montague-Brudenell – 1 to 6 km, seaside, woodland – off Rte 319 to Roma Point Road – Trailhead GPS: N 46 10.895’ W 62 33.690’ – Google map here.
SALLY’S BEACH PROVINCIAL PARK, off Rte 310 at Spry Point on Boughton Bay, Northumberland Strait east – Google map here.
SINGING SANDS BEACH, from Basin Head, off Rte 16, several km of squeaking sand along Northumberland strait, shorebirds, seabirds, waterfowl – Trailhead from Basin Head: GPS: N 46o 22.705’ W 62o 6.565’ – Google map here.
SOURIS CAUSEWAY-GATEWAY PARK, Souris, east side of PEI – on Rte 2, formerly a provincial park. Shorebirds, waterfowl, seabirds. Google map here.
SOURIS STRIDERS TRAIL, Souris – 1 to 20 km, woodland with streams and some wetlands – off Rte 305 – trailhead GPS: N 46 24.155’ W 62 15.155 – this trail can link to the Townshend Woodlot Natural Area (see below) via the Confederation Trail. Forest and wetland birds. Google map here.
SPRY POINT TRAIL, access from Sally’s Beach Provincial Park (see above). Two trails, total 4 km. Sand dunes, shrubs. Shorebirds, bank swallows. Google map here.
MARY’S BAY, Panmure Island – shorebirds – Park at Panmure Island Provincial Park and walk across the road to the mud flats. Google map here.
ST. PETER’S BAY shoreline – Google map here.
TOWNSHEND WOODLOT NATURAL AREA, owned and administered by the province, 260 acres of forest adjacent to the Island Nature Trust property of same name (which has no trails). 6.4 km woodland trails. Google map here.
VALLEYFIELD DEMONSTRATION WOODLOT – Forest birds. Trailhead GPS: N 46 8.345’ W 62 43.190’. More information here. Google map here.
REFERENCES (in no particular order): (Important Bird Areas) (Island Trails – with detailed information and maps) (southern Kings county) (PEI Government list of Natural Areas) (PEI National Park) (PEI National Park list of trails) (list of provincial parks) (publicly accessible provincial forests, demonstration woodlots) (publicly accessible ponds and wetlands) (publicly accessible wildlife management areas)
Confederation Trail downloadable .pdf map
25 of the Best, Easy To Reach Birding Spots On Prince Edward Island, by Geoff Hogan, 1989 (32 page booklet available at PEI public libraries)
Trails of Prince Edward Island, by Michael Haynes, 2015, Goose Lane Editions